Malcolm Turnbull admits he loves worms

Malcolm passionately talks about worms

Malcolm Turnbull might be Australia’s Prime Minister, no one knows, but we do know what he likes, and that’s worms!

Reports say Malcolm has over 30,000 worms in his collection and numbers are growing. He may have let the country down but not his great Grandfather who gave young Malcolm the worm collecting bug when he was just a spineless little boy. “Don’t worry about what people think of you”, said great Grandpa Turnsey. “Just keep collecting worms”.

Part of Malcolm’s extensive worm collection

Those words stuck with Malcolm his entire life, throughout the period everyone thought he was a decent bloke right up until now. Malcolm didn’t care what anyone thought when he changed his view on everything, he only cared about worms.

Malcolm Turnbull is an inspiration to all of us and, of course, anyone who loves worms.