35 year old man finally admits he doesn’t have a plan

After years of telling his friends and family not to worry about him because he “had a plan”, 35 year old unemployed man Dave Westmead has finally admitted he doesn’t.

Dave Westmead has never had a plan

Mr Westmead, who is single, still living with his parents and known as “a bit of  a pot head”, said that for many years he even convinced himself he had a plan. But, while trying to implement a plan on his 30th birthday, he realised he didn’t have one and has since found it easier to simply keep telling people he did.

When asked if he thinks his son will ever have a plan, Mr Westmead’s Father said there wasn’t much chance. “No way”, said 64-year-old Maurice Westmead. “I used to think he was lying on the couch all day waiting for the right moment to put his plan into action, but now he’s admitted he hasn’t got one it all makes sense”.

“Once he’s thought about it a bit more he’ll be fine”, said Dave’s bedraggled Mother, bringing her son a large bowl of ice cream.